Pacthecast 4 - The Hallowcast

Pacthecast 4 - The Hallowcast


Along with herself, many of Amy's friends are frequently seen in different projects on her deviantART.

The Butt BrigadeEdit

Such is a fad with Amy and her friends, they like to add "butt" in place of some part of their usernames, such as Pacthesis would become Pacthebutt. This spawned the name for the whole group of Amy's aquaintances, The Butt Brigade.

Audrey - ~MHfan11794 "MHbutt"

Austin - ~Ramsire
All Together Now by Pacthesis

From left to right: Amy, Daisy, Nic, LaMae

  • First appearance: Apr 29th, 2012 Prom

Becky - ~koko-the-monkey "koko-the-butt"

CJ - *Ya-Su "butt-su"

Daisy - ~ZemnDragonheart "ZemnDragonbutt"

Danny - ~Daniel-Cheshyre "Daniel-Buttshyre"

  • First appearence: None yet. Almost appeared in Hollowcast

Jon - ~Frostphorus "Buttphorus"

  • First appearence: Feb 14th, 2013 Yeah

LaMae - *trout-fish "trout-butt" (formerly Merry-go-Roundabout "Merry-go-Roundabutt")

Nic - ~NKiki "ButtKiki" (formerly Nicyboy "Nicybutt")

  • First appearance: Aug 1st, 2008 Nicy PC

Sam - ~samna26 "sambutt"

Sean - ~deviantkriegen "deviantbuttgen"

  • First appearence: Apr 29th, 2012 Prom

Zach - ~ztrman "ztrbutt"