Havepee burdai jon by pacthesis-d615y2k

havepee burdai Jon by Pacthesis

Jon is Amy's boyfriend as of February, 2013. He is known as dA as Frosphorous, though he is very inactive.

The OriginEdit

February 14th, 2013: Amy made a comic titled Yeah detailing her dealing with a guy confessing to her. A few days later on Feb 22nd, we get the Follow Up in which we learn this guy is Jon. Since then, Amy and Jon have become a couple.


In the deviation havepee burdai Jon, Amy tells in her Author's Comments that Jon likes it when people make fanart of Amy and him together. Since then, many fans have made art of them together, even Daisy and LaMae.
Oh hey it s jon and amy by zemndragonheart-d61slc3

Fanart done by Daisy