Amy's first deviation, actually a picture of Matt!

Matt is Amy's older brother and has appeared in some of her earlier works.

He can be found on dA as Neo97x.

Author's WorldEdit

Author's World was a series about the life of the author--Amy--which were first featured in the physical copies of Amy's old manga series that she made for her friends. The series was later redone and uploaded to deviantART on the Pacthesis account.12 3 45 6

deviantART GalleryEdit

Much like Amy, it seems one of Matt's hobbies is collecting figurines of anime characters. The majority of his dA account is pictures of his figures.

In January of 2011, Matt started uploading his attempts in learning how to draw. Amy helped in this by red-lining his early sketches to help him learn basic anatomy. He moved on to drawing anime characters, mimicking the style of the show the characters were from. His own style never fully emerged before he stopped posting on dA.
Ikaros alpha uranus queen by neo97x-d38o9fx

One of Matt's drawings.

There has been nothing uploaded to his account since August 2011. However, he still talks to people on dA.