Welcome to PacthelandEdit

Welcome to Pactheland! This is the ultimate wiki of Pacthesis, the beloved creator, along with her friends and games! If you know about her, you can also help to make the page as detailed as it could!

About PacthesisEdit

Pacthesis is a novice programmer who has made sim dating games since 2008.

She has made 12 (official) sim dates in total.

List of Sim dates chronologically: Anime Sim Date 1.0Anime Sim Date 2.0,Anime Sim Date 2.5,Festival Days Sim Date,Wonderland Days Sim DateIdol Days Sim Date,Kingdom Days Sim DateChrono Days Sim DateLunar Days Sim Date,Memory Days Sim DateNumber Days Sim Date, and, finally, Star Days Sim Date.

She also has created the flash game "Xolga and Mr. Toko", which has 9 parts to it. She followed it up with a sequel; "Xolga and Mr. Toko Again", which has 8 parts to it.

She also has an official websiteholding all her completed games and additional information about them.

Latest activityEdit

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