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"Even in a perfect reality, your world will still be flawed. Why is that?" -Intro




Joseph Knight

Elliot Hart


Shortly after their transformation, Xolga and Mr.Toko discover that the locket floated, then disappeared. Wanting to chase after it, Mr.Toko touched the ground and Xolga started to sink into the ground. Attempting to grab Xolga, Mr.Toko accidentaly sank himself too, claiming he tripped on air. After they sink into the ground, they wake up in a beautiful forest filled with colorful plants and trees. Mr.Toko spots the locket and flies after it, leaving Xolga behind. He then sees a kid staring at him. He learns that the boy's name is Joseph, and that they are in a place called "Wonderland". Joseph is in Wonderland for a party at the castle, and Xolga then learnes that the only way to go into the castle is through the Rose Maze , which Joseph doesn't have the map to. Together, Joseph and Xolga find a way to get a map.


Xolga finds Mr.Toko already at the party, and insists that they immediatley find the locket. Mr.Toko refuses, and Xolga tackles him. Mr.Toko screams, "RAAAAPPPEE!!!", while Joseph's friend, Elliot, finds him and invites him to his room to play chess. Xolga and Mr.Toko see the locket disappear again, and Xolga gets Mr.Toko to teleport them by bribing him with a life-time supply of muffins.


The setting is Wonderland, the kingdom in Wonderland Days Sim Date.