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Title Picture

"It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is who you are. Even so, you don't seem to care about that." -Intro


Kai Utsugi

Emerson Reid

Zane Pierce

Mako Utsugi


In-game CharactersEdit

Akito Noru

Arisa Nodame


The game starts with Kai and Xolga talking about getting a haircut. Kai gives Xolga a nice haircut, while Xolga accidentally cuts one side of his bangs too short.

Kai Utsugi recieves a call from Walter, Xolga's manager, and learnes that Xolga has gone missing. He is about to leave, when he's confronted by his younger brother, Mako. Kai promises to be back in time for his brother's birthday, then he leaves. When he gets to the bus, he can't find his wallet. He then sees a robot-like "thing" with a toaster for a head run off with his wallet. When he chases after it, he runs into an outdoor auditorium, and is informed by a boy that there is a contest called "Band Cluster" where people meet up and form bands. The winning prize is $500. The boy invites Kai to join his band for the contest when Kai admits that he used to play the drums. The boy, Emerson, introduces Kai to his keyboardist and friend, Zane. They send Kai off to buy the music sheet for their song. Kai then comes back with the last copy, but he trips and it falls through the sewer. Kai has to find a way to get the music sheet back.


Kai returns with the sheet music, and the three of them practice for a litle bit. When the MC asks for their name, Kai suggests "Trio Awesome". The band then performs, and someone throws a rose onto the stage. Sadly, the Band Cluster is won by a band called, "The Sexy Bastards". Kai then leaves, but he then sees the robot with his wallet, who then trades him, the wallet for the rose. Later, Kai is seen talking to Walter about finding Xolga. The scene ends with Kai saying, "I'll find Xolga, no matter what it takes."