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Xolga and Mr.Toko promotional poster.

Xolga and Mr.Toko Again is the second season of Pacthesis' famous visual adventure novel, Xolga and Mr.Toko. It was first published in January 29th, 2012. The series ended with 8 episodes and a song list in May 21st, 2012.


Now Xolga and Mr.Toko doesn't chase the locket anymore, but they still continue their adventure through various worlds and meeting new friends. They went to some worlds which helped them to regain their true forms for a short while and Mr.Toko's real name and past was revealed. Mr.Toko however had an encounter with the locket. He offers making Mr.Toko and Xolga new human bodies, but Mr.Toko refused. They continued their adventure after traveling back to Reton once, and Xolga met Kai for the last time. The series ended with an aimless promise of Pacthesis that if she's lonely, someday she'll make a third season of this story.

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